Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tall buildings and narrow streets

That's absolutely not what Kissimmee looks like. We are used to going to Tunis, Turkey, Egypt or Morocco and that's where you will find old tall buildings and dark narrow streets. Those are the places where you stroll around and where young children try to sell you souvenirs or freshly picked flowers.

Kissimmee is a bit bigger I must say. It's full of life, but not as brightly colored as Morocco or Egypt. It's totally different and in fact it can't be compared. For instance, the language is so easy. Finally a country where we can make ourselves understood. Here in Florida, we have the warmth we enjoy when we go to Northern Africa. We are used to staying in all inclusive 5* hotels and this time we wanted something different. The girls have grown bigger and we are no longer forced to stay in a hotel where the food comes in buffet form. Because that was easy for the kids: they get to pick whatever they like and as much as they like. Here in Florida, there's an abundance of food to choose from and the products they use look familiar to ours. This time the girls won't have to ask what's on the menu. Their eyes will tell.

We have prepared this holiday for a couple of months now, and there are a few things we would really like to do. We still haven't made up our mind on what Disney Park we would like to visit. We'll see. We can do whatever we want and we will come and go whenever we feel like it.

Kissimmee feels like coming home.. I'm glad to be back here..

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