Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's close to midnight

Trieste, Italy
It's close to midnight when I'm writing this blog. I closed the door of my hotel room, turned on the night light and sunk down on the bed. My feet hurt like hell but my heart is filled with joy.. What a great idea to come to Trieste, Italy and spend a couple of days in the company of two wonderful ladies.

It's my first visit to Italy. I am convinced my family would love to be here too.. There's no reason why we couldn't do this again, just the four of us. The girls would love this town and hubby would enjoy the weather and the Italian food. I wouldn't mind coming back here..

Once again, I feel how important it is to be able to make yourself understood. I don't speak any Italian at all. In only one day time, I learned some small words like prego or grazie. "Excusa" is not a name, but we had a good laugh over it.

Coming home from wandering around town, we soothed our tired bodies by sinking in a foambath and took some time to relax. Our friend wanted to cook diner for us, so we said goodbye for a while. She had some errands to run and some cooking to do. I sneaked out of my room to pay a visit to the local supermarket. I'm always looking for foreign specialties and I must say: I regret my suitcase was nearly full on my way to Trieste. Because there were so many different kinds of pasta I wanted to bring home.. The packages would add too much weight to my suitcase, so I only picked two.

Tomorrow morning in the early hours we'll take the train to Venice. It'll be a 2 hour ride but I'm sure it will be worth it. Let's hope the wind won't follow us all the way to Venice, because it nearly froze my nose off today. I forgot to take pictures today. I'll make up for that tomorrow..


Jangeox said...

Hmmm... speaking Italian, not easy for a Dutch girl ;-)

Have a wonderful time over there !

Bittersweet said...

lach maar dzjandzjox :-)