Sunday, October 9, 2011

The thing

You call it "the thing", he calls it Bruno. It's not supposed to be called anything, since it doesn't belong there. Just the thought of this thing, makes you sick to your stomach. It's affecting you and your family in a way you had never expected. A young man, this active and so in to sports, leading a good life with his girlfriend. He didn't ask for Bruno to come interrupt his life. Bruno decided he needed a place to live..
We ask "the thing" to shrink and disappear. It's just too spooky. It doesn't belong with your son. It doesn't belong with anyone. It needs to go away now, so your son can get better and move on with his life. Preferably as the man he was before Bruno came to live with him. We keep our fingers crossed for him. So many people out there that he's not even aware off, thinking of him and wishing him all the best. He's surrounded by people that love him, by a wonderful, caring family. That is your responsibility. You keep the family together and you send your family strong, loving vibes. He will be okay.. he will be okay. Have faith.


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