Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brave people

Some people have an enormous strength in them. They are more brave than others will ever be. Is there a certain experience in life that gave them the strength to be courageous or is it just the way they came into this life?

I know some very brave people. They have been through a couple of extreme ordeals. Every time they went through hell, they crawled back up, cried in despair, fought back and struggled on. Up to the point where they found a way to heal. I have a deep respect for these people. They are an example for many, a role model to look up to. Life wasn't easy for them and they have been damaged in their early childhood, in times when they needed to be loved and nurtured.

This one particular friend is going to be a wonderful mom. I keep my fingers crossed for her, that she may soon see the first ultrasound of a child of their own. It is her deepest wish and she will get there. Because courageous people don't give up. They do what they need to do, they hang on, they set new limits and they keep going. Because that's what the past taught them: they have to rely on themselves to get a better life.

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