Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holding back the years

I'm mad at your doctor. I'm mad at the way he has treated you for nearly 17 years. I'm upset with the way he put your life at stake.. At the same time, I'm proud of you. You got type 1 diabetes at the early age of 2 years old. Your parents tried to locate the best doctor around and when your family moved, you found a new doctor in Brussels. He did what he had to do: give you a diabetes treatment. Did he offer you the best help around? I'm afraid not. Are you or your parents to blame? Absolutely not.. In fact, it is really sad how that doctor is still working. It's like he never left the 80's. Maybe they were his best years and he couldn't cope moving on? I had never heard of young people with T1 diabetes on 2 injections of insulin a day. How difficult it must have been for you, to maintain good control and cope with a very tight meal schedule. You were told to eat small amounts of carbs every 2 hours. You had no access to mealtime insulin to cover the carbs around lunchtime. Nevertheless, you hung on. Okay, your A1c is higher than it's supposed to be, but 9 % is not that bad, considering the method you had to follow.

This week, you transfered to another hospital. Modern endocrinologists, modern diabetes nurses and more modern ways of treating type 1 diabetes. Right away, your new doctor told you an insulin pump was no issue. We helped you make the decision. It wasn't easy, since you were interested in using CGM but you also wanted the advantages of a remote control. The remote control won over the CGM.

I'm looking forward to visiting you this afternoon. I'm bringing someone who's been looking forward to seeing you again too. We'll have lunch first and then we'll come see you. You'll be a professional pumper by the end of the week. Your life will be so different from now on. I'm pretty sure there's a grin on your face from ear to ear. And not only the insulin pump made its entry in your life: you have some new friends as well..


Upje said...

Wéér lunch?! Moet er tegenwoordig niet meer gewerkt worden?!! Alé, voor sommigen dan toch? ;)

Onze 'patiënt' zal superblij zijn met jullie bezoekje ... al is het maar om de verveling te verdrijven :P. Doe hem de groetjes!

boysim said...

Iedere letter die hier staat is absoluut juist.
En de laatste zin is nog het belangrijkste van allemaal.

Bittersweet said...

hahaha. Wij zijn nogal kraks hè!

Hij heeft zich alleszins niet verveeld. En wij ook niet :-)

Bittersweet said...

welcome in the world of Combonauts, boysim!

Jangeox said...

Ik vind het nog altijd straf dat je zoveel jaren hebt moeten roeien met de riemen die je had. Maar nu zal dat zeker snel veranderen.
't Was weer supergezellig. Het lunchke én het bezoekje !

Bittersweet said...

hij doet dat goed hè, jangeox! En wij ook trouwens! GRIJNS.

boysim said...

je hoeft daarbij niet te grijnzen hoor jullie doen het super.