Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Je suis aimé des femmes sans les avoir aimées

You know who they are... my favorite men. My pals, my buddies, my lunch dates and shopping friends. They are special, they are unique. And they love men.. Maybe that's part of the deal. Women don't need to fear the friendship of gay men, since they don't fancy your sexuality. They love you for who you are and have no interest in your body at all. And the love is mutual. It's a blessing to have meetings with gay men. We laugh and we talk and talk and.. talk. Yes, we do talk a lot. How good it feels to talk to men and share your innermost thoughts. Gay men are not afraid to open up to you either. They are not afraid to share their deepest feelings. They have no issues telling you how they really feel about you.. Because they have no desire to chase you. They don't have to look their best to meet up with you, since you are no potential lover. No need to flatter you. It makes life less complicated. Thank you, friends of the family, for being who you are and for being a bonus in my life. I love you.

PS Yes, I know not all my favorite men are gay.. I'll talk about you guys later.


Jangeox said...

Tiens, ken jij er zo?
Ik ben zo niet. Ik doe wel moeite om er op mijn best uit te zien :-)
We love you too, darling.

Bittersweet said...

hahahah. Yep, je baardje was netjes getrimd en eigenlijk had je best een leuke broek aan. Je mag nog mee.