Saturday, December 17, 2011

Talk to the hand

the ears are not listening. That's pretty much what I was like at the age of 19. I wanted to be independent, live by myself, make my own money. Still in college, I tried to make the most of it. Having my own car - in those days, I used to save money - gave me so much more freedom then I was used to. Living in a student room away from home, gave me the peace and joy I was looking for. It was great to have friends over and cook dinner for my guests. My cat loved to curl up on my bed and keep me warm. Who cared if the dishes weren't done for a whole week? So what if I ate a whole box of Honey Pops a day? I was finally free! I could make my own decisions and lead my life the way I wanted to lead it. And despite all the negative comments, I did real well in college. I had good grades and I didn't skip (m)any classes. There was no need to, because I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted to after school..

Three years of living all by myself, was the best thing for me. Having a social life and exploring the surroundings, without being stopped by curfews. College life was good, being 19 was sweet. I knew what it felt like to be captured in a cage. No financial problems whatsoever and always a place to sleep, but freedom was out there and not within reach. My sense for independence gave me the strength to move on and see for myself what life was about. I made mistakes and some things could've been prevented, but nevertheless, I never regretted moving out..

Discover who you are. Dare to be who you are. Find a life of your own and enjoy the good times. You will be 19 only once.. Happy Birthday, my friend!

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