Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happiness in a bowl

I have another lunch meeting today. Well, maybe I shouldn't call it lunch, but just an all day meeting. We never know when our meetings will end, so it's dangerous to call it a lunch meeting. We might even have a lunch and a dinner meeting, depending on how talkative we will be.

Maybe I need to figure out what it is with gay men and diabetes. This week, I will have seen 4 diabetic gay men. That is so strange!!! This morning I have an appointment with my hairdresser, who happens to be gay and diabetic. I'm sure he will want to know all about my lunch meeting with my two other gay diabetic friends yesterday. And if he were able to join me for lunch today, I'm sure he would. But I need my other friend all for myself this afternoon. There are too many things to discuss in private. We get along real well. Let's say we connect. We understand each other and our friendship is worth the ride to Antwerp. We have met before and we realize every time that our meeting wasn't long enough. Who says men don't talk??? Real men talk!

Looking forward to this day. I'd better get going so I don't run late. See you in a bit!


Jangeox said...

and talkative we were :-)

Bittersweet said...

you bet!