Saturday, January 21, 2012

A shoulder to lean on

Human beings are not made to live by themselves. We like to have a partner, a family, friends, colleagues.. It's just not natural to spend your life on your own. That doesn't mean you can't have time by yourself, you absolutely do need me time. It's just that, having people around you that truly care, makes life even better.
If you're lucky to have a mentor in life, go for it. Mentors can be great stimulators. They help you see things in a different dimension. They are there for you, when things aren't going right and they will be there to cheer for you when you have made your next achievement. Don't underestimate their importance. Mentors make you feel good. They know what your weak spots are, but they are very good at finding your talents as well. They are the mirror to your soul. Might or may be confrontational, but that's okay. In the end, you will benefit from being open.
We all need a shoulder to lean on. Even the mentors do..


Upje said...

Je beseft toch dat jij dat ook voor velen bent, hé?
Maar don't worry, ook jij mag bij anderen gaan leunen.

*big hug*

Bittersweet said...

zo sprak een goede mentor ;-)