Thursday, February 16, 2012

Now tell me something

Frankly, I would like to write 4 blogs today. I like to give each one of you your very own birthday wishes. And I would like to wish my friend the best of luck with her upcoming operation. I'll do my best to keep it brief but from the heart.

This year is going to be a very special year for you.
A special number, a special birthday. You invited us to join you for a shopping trip to Holland. That was really an honor and we're looking forward to spending 3 days with all of you. The prospect of having dinner together in Seventh Heaven, brings me joy. Last time was great and I'm sure this time won't be any different. We're in good company and we always have a good laugh over excellent food, don't we? I know this was not a birthday you wanted to celebrate already, but guess what: to us, you will still be our good friend and you still look your best. Have a very happy birthday, my Phantom...

I have known you for 18 years now. You have calmed down quite a bit since then, although you still work long hours to help out financially. In fact, you should be enjoying life a bit more and work a bit less, but you do what you like to do most. I see a lot of you in your sons. 18 years is a long time and we see each other nearly weekly. I must say: you haven't changed that much over the years. You look pretty much the same and your health hasn't gone bad. We keep our fingers crossed that our children will be able to see their grandpa grow very old, so they can cherish you even longer. Happy birthday, grandpa..

You are not doing so well... Where has the vibrant woman gone.. I wish it were different for you, because you deserve better. Life hasn't been easy on you. Raising three children all by yourself was not a piece of cake. Two came out real well, your middle one is still finding his way in life. That hurts you big time. It keeps your mind busy and it drags you down. Let's hope this year will bring some more sparkling stars in the dark sky you have seen the last months. I'm glad I could give you a hug yesterday. You needed that hug. It was good to have a private talk. Take care my friend.. you're not alone. Have a happy birthday if you can, okay? Do it for you.

Today, on the day of your son's birthday, you'll be in the hospital to have eye surgery. No major operation, but still. Not something one would do by choice, but it was necessary and there were no other options. A second operation is scheduled 5 weeks later. I'll light all the candles in the house for you. You'll be on our mind. Good luck, my friend. We love you. Hope you will see a whole lot better by the next time we meet.

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