Sunday, February 26, 2012

There's a side to you that I never knew

Last night, I was flabbergasted.. My hair dresser invited me to a night out with his friends. He asked me to dress up and pick him up around 5:30 PM. We went for sushi and wakame before we met the others in a parking lot. Three cars full of happy chaps hit the road on their way to Salons Mantovani in Oudenaarde. A big event was scheduled that same night.

We entered the ballroom and beautiful women with stunning long legs came to greet us and showed us to our tables. I was amazed by their appearance and their elegance. Thinking my high heels were impressive, they were nothing compared to the stilts they were trotting on. Glitter and glamour, layers of foundation and lips covered in lipstick, the girls - like they prefer to be called - loved to flaunt the room and have all eyes set on them.

There were 10 people in our company and we had good seats. Some of our companions are men but like to be called "girls" as well. Men fancying men, men dressing up like women, they were all present and looking their best. One set of people in particular drew my attention. I assume they were father and daughter. She must have been in her very early twenties, he was at least double her age. Presenting himself as a "her" in a tight black dress, a golden chain around the waist in an attempt to hide the potbelly, and a platinum blonde wig, she sat at the table, observing the other girls and waving a curly lock of hair out of her face. Her lipstick was a bit smeared but she was happy.. Her daughter looked a bit confused but at the same time, there was some pride over her dad. I guess she wanted him to be happy, so she accepted that side of him that others probably never see in real life. Maybe he was a construction worker or an accountant, who knows. That night he was a she and his eyes flared at the sight of the other ladies..

Baby-V was the true winner. She was versatile, a great artist and the costumes were exquisite. She had muscular dancers on stage and her presence couldn't go unnoticed. She was not the only winner in the ballroom. So many men out there, who felt at ease, who could finally relax and take a good breath of fresh air, after having spent so many hours dressing up as a she.. It was a special night..

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