Monday, March 19, 2012

Don't you remember?

Seventeen years ago, you opened your mouth and screamed your first sound on this planet. Just one day after your cousin was born, you decided to join her. What a delight to have two little babies in the family at the same time. The two first grandchildren (of nine) for my inlaws. It was a shame though, that I never got to visit you in the hospital, since I was taking care of my own little girl in a different hospital. But ever since, we meet up regularly and you and your cousin get along just fine. It hasn't always been like that. As toddlers, you weren't the best of friends, competing with one another. But the two of you made up and now you are good friends. Sometimes you even go out together and it's charming to see how you chaperone your cousin to the car, when it's time for me to pick her up.

Happy Birthday dude. I can't call you boy or kiddo and you're not a grown man either, so I'll call you dude, okay? You're a wonderful young man.

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