Friday, April 6, 2012

I owe it all to you

Since I have changed hospitals (June 2010), I got a new diabetes nurse. From day one, I knew we were going to get along well. I never expected our bond to become that close though. Cell phone numbers got exchanged and numerous phone calls later, I could say she had become a good friend.

My diabetes nurse is a clever cookie. Since I've been seeing her, my diabetes treatment has improved quite a bit. She guides me well and she explains why she adjusts my insulin pump the way she does. She has an immense memory and she startles me with her knowledge. I love to go see her. Normally diabetics dread to go see their diabetes team, because they do not wish to see the disapproving finger. They don't want to be nagged at or lose their motivation and courage. My nurse knows that life with diabetes isn't always easy. She knows the effort and energy it takes to keep the numbers within range. She doesn't treat us like toddlers but takes us seriously and listens to what we have to say. I can say we, since I'm not her only patient. Quite a bit of my diabetic friends see this same nurse and they all share that same experience.

I'm seeing her today. I've been looking forward to this appointment. My numbers haven't been the best lately, but I know she will understand. She'll get me back on track. Thanks for putting so much effort in us diabetics!

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