Thursday, April 19, 2012

Turning back time

Our youngest daughter is doing a school project on her grandparents. She's going through the family pictures and writing down stories on the family tree. She's fascinated by the snapshots of her grandparent's wedding. What a doll grandma was.. She was gorgeous and slim and so in love with her hero. They have grown older over the years, having raised 5 children. In a house, where all family members are welcome, we like to sit together and enjoy a pleasant afternoon. The 9 grandchildren bring joy into the life of their grandparents. They are their love and pride.

Grandma, you are still a beautiful woman. You are loving and caring and your heart is warm enough to feed us all. The children love to come for a sleepover and they always look forward to being around you. Today is your birthday. A memorable one: 70 years old. When I was a teen, I thought 50 was old. But I know better now. Even at the age of 70, you are not old. Not at all. You are still very active. Going out with your girlfriends, taking dance classes, looking after your grandchildren and helping out in the neighborhood, you lead a fulfilling life and I think you wouldn't want it any other way.

Have a very happy birthday grandma. We love you xxx

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