Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A direct hit at me

I was watching this TV series that I had recorded and all of a sudden I hit the STOP button and rewound the show. One of the ladies on the series was 41. I'm going to be 41 in a couple of months. I took a close look at her. She was a secretary, well taken care off, but nevertheless showing signs of the times. She was good looking and elegant and articulate. I put the program on pause and took a brisk walk to the bathroom (thank goodness the bathroom is downstairs - would not have walked those steps up just to take a look at myself) to check myself out. I stretched my skin, inspected my hair, my face. I even stripped off my clothes to take a closer look at myself. Do I look like a 41 year old woman? I don't know. What do 41 year old women look alike? Is there any kind of parameter? I must say I still can't spot any wrinkles and I think that's rather abnormal at this age. I have kids! That alone is enough to give someone the ugliest wrinkles ever! 
Sometimes I even doubt my age, for I can still act really silly and young. Okay, let's not stray from the subject, I was talking about my "aging" body. I have lost quite some weight in the last two years. Meaning that my body has undergone a few changes. I'm glad I don't have stretchmarks that really bother me. There are a few, but not to that level that they irritate me. Some brown spots appeared on my arms and hands in the last years, but they have become part of me without any tears.
I have different brands of moisturizers but I always forget to apply them in the morning or even before I go to bed. I don't always smear the make up off my face at night either. I don't smoke so I don't have those vertical lines between my upper lip and my nose. I absolutely do not drink enough water, so maybe my skin is somehow dehydrated but I don't really do anything to help it recover. I would love to have crow's feet around the eyes, because I find those charming and attractive, but I even lack those. What is it that keeps me young? You tell me.. maybe I need a new mirror, that tells me the truth instead of the fairy tell I'm hearing now..

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