Thursday, May 24, 2012

Join the dots

Your mom and I were talking on the phone, when all of a sudden I wondered: why can no doctor join the dots? There have been so many symptoms, different signals of pain, complications. After all of those years, not one doctor has been able to tell you what's wrong. There's this show on TV called Mystery Diagnosis. I watch it every time, hoping that maybe one edition will tell us more about what's wrong with you. Up till now it's still a mystery. They can tell something is there. They know your blood work is not okay. But nobody seems to know why your body is not working well. It must be awful to be in pain all the time and not have a good treatment. Not having a diagnosis is worse though. People look at you like you make things up. Because there's no specific name (yet) for your disease. That doesn't mean it's not there. It just makes things a whole lot more difficult for you and the people around you.

You have planned some more doctor's visits in the upcoming month. Not that you are very hopeful, because so many doctors have seen you without being able to provide you with a decent answer. But you don't give up and you promised yourself you would find a capable doctor. I do feel for you. Working long hours, having no good rest at night and feeling sore all the time isn't exactly how a young woman should be feeling. You should be full of energy, enjoying work and life and doing fun things with your partner. Now you drag yourself through the day. There is no other choice. Sick leave is not an option, because there's no name to this disease. Bills need to be paid and you hate to sit at home, worrying about the whole situation. You could do with a cuddle.. Depression is lurking around the corner and that shouldn't be a surprise. Who wouldn't get depressed if no doctor can help you relieve the pain you are feeling or put a finger on the wound?

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