Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bedtime reading

Some people like to read a book in bed, before they turn off the light and close their eyes. But how about reading your friend's messages on Facebook before you head off to bed? Isn't that the modern version of bedtime reading? I like to check the statuses of my friends on Facebook at night. We like to chat and tell one another about our day. It's rather addictive to check Facebook. You keep pushing that refresh button to see if anything has changed. Isn't that silly? On the other hand, you get in touch with people that you never would have talked to without FB. For instance, other diabetics, who live all over the world. I like to read about their way of diabetes treatment and how they motivate each other.
I need to find the balance between bedtime reading books and bedtime reading facebook. How easy the days were, when we were young and facebook was not even in sight..

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