Saturday, July 28, 2012

Don't reprimand me

Some time ago, I blogged about how people try to interfere when you have diabetes. They always seem to know someone who has "severe" diabetes (do they mean yours is not severe?) or who has lost his limbs or sight due to diabetes. They tell you what you can't have or do and saying it, they indulge a huge piece of cake covered in icing. They tell you to exercise while sitting in their lazy chair themselves. Not being familiar with diabetes, they pretend to know more of the subject than you do. Until you talk about carbohydrates, ketoacidosis, glycaemic index or glucagon. That's when they stop babbling and when their mouth drops open. You tell them your disease is not called "the sugar" but Type 1 diabetes. You inform them that you didn't do anything wrong but you got it nevertheless. It's not contagious: anyone could get it. Yes, even you, who is telling me all about what I'm not supposed to do. I wonder what it would feel like to you, if you got diabetes and I would tell you what to do. Would you appreciate my interfering with the way you treat your diabetes? Don't think so. Think twice before you reprimand someone else. We do the best we can.

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