Monday, July 30, 2012

You're getting there

Photo Lana Joos
Taking care of two young boys - one has Asperger's syndrome -  you make some babysit money. The boys' parents own a small restaurant. That night, only one of the boys was at home and all of a sudden, the other one could spend some time with a friend, so you had nothing to do. The parents asked you to help out in the bar, cleaning up and rinsing glasses. Your eyes lit up right away. It was a step up for you and a welcome change. Apparently you did real well and the owner of the restaurant asked you of you would be willing to help out in the future? Of course you would!

I told you about the jobs I did when I was your age. One of my jobs was working in a restaurant. There was room for 50 guests. Marianne was the cook and her husband Sonny supervised the restaurant. It was my job to serve the guests, to make the drinks in the bar, help out in the kitchen, clean up the bar and do the dishes when the guests had gone home. I had to vacuum the restaurant late at night, change the linen on the tables and polish the wine glasses before I put them back next to the clean plates. At midnight, after my shift, I would kick out my high heels to walk home on my nylons, rubbing my sore feet. My back would hurt from running around all night, carrying 3 plates at once and washing copper pans in the kitchen. It was a hard life and it didn't pay much, but it gave me independence and freedom and that's all I needed.

I'm proud of you. It's rewarding to see that you are willing to work and build up experience. It will make you stronger and you will appreciate the money you earn. Go for it. Pull up those sleeves and make the best of it.


samantha said...

*Vind ik leuk* Super eva, proficiat!

Bittersweet said...

Fel ding hè!