Sunday, August 19, 2012

Honey we're home

Today was a bit hectic. The whippets were anxious for us to come pick them up. The people of Fiefoerniek's did so well at taking care of them in our absence. They even clipped their nails since we are such chickens at doing it ourselves.
Both ladies have lost some weight again and they are now in tip top shape. We're not used to seeing them that skinny but we know this is the weight they are supposed to have. Let's hope we will be able to ignore their crying for food...

It was good to see our girly daughters back too. One week is long. What a good feeling to embrace them and talk to them in real life. It's different than Facebook. There was so much to tell and they loved unpacking their presents.

Right away we had asked grandma and grandpa over for dinner. Hubby's godson joined them and he was eager to learn about our trip to Marrakech. We had BBQ over pleasant conversations, until the rain and thunder spoiled the fun.

The dogs are worn out. So am I. The Moroccan diarrhea is asking too much of my body. I think I'd better see our physician tomorrow. I'm done with it...

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