Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I have this urge

Photo Cathy Van de Moortele
Right after breakfast, we felt like chilling on the sunroof and let the sunbeams stroke our bodies. It was quiet up there and only 4 hotel guests (us included) used the sun beds.  Time to relax, have a talk, relax some more, have a drink (I love my Sahara drink made of almond milk, ground almonds, ground raisins and dates) and dip in the pool. Having my latest cook book in mind, I felt the urge to run some errands and do some cooking. Darn! how could I do that?? We're in Marrakech! No kitchen available over here. Hmhm.. that didn't mean, we couldn't run some errands, right? I love to stroll around the grocery shops in any country we visit. There are always products we don't have at home. So I convinced hubby to take a cab and do some shopping. To our surprise, the manager of the hotel sent us to the mall! How about that? For no more than 40 dirham (let's say 3.60 euro), the cab driver took us to the Almazar mall. Too bad many shops were closed for Ramadan, but nevertheless we got some nice things. We had a quick lunch at the local fast food place (why don't we have merguez panini at home?) and in the end, we discovered the Moroccan Carrefour. Yes, really, the same supermarket as the one we have at home. It did surprise me though, to see/hear that many Flemish people in the shop, with carts full of groceries. Maybe they rent an apartment and cook their own food?

The cab driver who took us home, was something else.. All the way back, he had no idea his handbrake wasn't released. He complained about his clutch that wasn't working, so when his car broke down in the middle of a very crowded roundabout, I could only hope he would be able to move his car and continue the ride. In the end, we got home safely.. Cabs are cheap around here. This driver was "happy" with 30 dirham. I don't think it will cover the cost of a new clutch though..

Our visit to Restaurant Le Marrakchi on Djemaa El-Fna was exciting. Great food, good entertainment - loved those young and elegant belly dancers - and right where all the activities were going on in the streets. I was happy though, to take a cab, since my high heels don't do well on the unequal streets of Marrakech. My blood sugar spiked after all of that couscous, potatoes, red beets, carrots, pancakes with honey and cinnamon spiced orange slices..  but it was worth it. We'll have a very good night rest. Again..

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