Friday, August 17, 2012

It's all about the little things in life

Photos Cathy Van de Moortele
Experiencing the luxury of this hotel in Marrakech and facing reality in the streets on the opposite side, makes you reflect on what's important in life. Is it the gloom of the ancient silverware on the breakfast table that makes life good? Does the plastic money in your wallet make you rich?
We were discussing the subject with our cab driver (I admit, he just wanted to find out how rich we were, so he could set his price) and we all came to an agreement: it is important to have a roof over your head, a bit of food and good health. It makes you feel good if you have an arm around your shoulder and a bed to sleep in. It's nice to have someone to take care of you. It warms my heart if Hubby asks me to show him how to use my glucometer, just in case of emergency. Taking a sip of cold water when your mouth is dry, feels great in this heat. Sharing a banana with a toddler begging for food, rips out your mother's heart, because you want him to grow a bit more fat on his bones. You want to wipe his dirty nose and provide him with shoes that aren't too small. Will that make the child happier?

Last night, I went out all by myself, to look for band aids. Too many blisters on my feet from all the miles we have walked here. I was taking some more pictures, when all of a sudden, this Moroccan man came out of the blue, yelling terrible words at me and hitting my camera with his hand open wide. I decided not to argue with him. I put away my camera and continued my walk. I should have known better. These people are real people. They are not some monkeys in a public zoo. They are in their own country, buying their groceries for the night. I didn't have the right to take their picture. Maybe he thought we would make fun of them, showing their picture at home? How would it make us feel, if all these people would stare at us and take our picture?

We are lucky to have a good life in Belgium. No real worries, no lack of money or food. We shouldn't be complaining that much. Who cares if the sun isn't out most of the times in Belgium? So what if you ran out of bread in the morning - you know you will buy fresh and crispy bread that very same day. Is it really that awful if that stain won't come out of your white pair of trousers? We really shouldn't complain that much.. it's no more than a waste of energy...

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