Friday, August 3, 2012

Second hand

Sometimes your house starts to live a life of its own. It fills up with things nobody wants but which are too good to be thrown away. You keep stacking away toys and books and clothes in all different sizes (but your own size) and your rooms are just filled with piles up till the ceiling. Hate it when that happens..
But what do you do to prevent it? I hear you have to throw something out whenever you buy something new. But hey, come on! I couldn't throw out a pair of shoes whenever I buy a new pair! could you??? So no, I'm not going to get rid of any shoes. Or maybe the 7 pair of sneakers that I never wear? They just sit there, in case I might feel the irresistible urge to start to run - something that is obviously not going to happen, ever!
I could get rid of those. The best deal would be, if I could trade them for something I could use. High heels for instance. That would be a good idea! But the thing is: I don't know anyone who has the exact same shoe size as mine, willing to trade high heels for sneakers.. So I guess I'm stuck with 7 pairs of runners for the rest of my life, staring at me as if they want to say: you are so lazy..
Of course I could take photographs of my shoes and sell them on the Internet. That's an option as well. There are some more items that could be sold that way: toys, books, stuffed animals, dolls, clothes that are worn but not worn-out. A whole room could be filled with things that need to go.
At the end of October, there is this jumble sale in our village. I could rent some space and sit there all day, waiting for some victims to stop by and buy some stuff. If only I would be interested in doing something like that. I don't like to visit jumble sales, imagine me sitting there and making a complete fool of myself.
If I wanted to get rid of the junk, I needed to come up with another solution..
I asked around a bit and apparently, there are some people who are interested in freeing our house of the clutter. They are willing to come over and liberate us from whatever we no longer need. I'm so excited about this whole thing! Finally a clutter free house! Can't wait!

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