Thursday, September 27, 2012

You fit in

It's been two weeks, since our Italian exchange student came to live with us. Although she despises the weather (don't we all?), I can tell she feels at home. We love her humor, her spontaneous chitchats, her friendship and company. She is a good sister to our daughters and a great companion for our pets. She claimed to be terrified of dogs, but nowadays, they all cuddle up together on the sofa. The dogs have accepted her without hesitance and it's nice to see how she hugs them when they come see her..

Next month, her parents will come over to visit. We are so looking forward to meeting them! They speak no other language than their own, but we have Ilaria to translate for us. I'm sure she misses her family, because she's really family oriented. She likes to have conversations at the kitchen table and we teach each other about the differences in our culture. It would be nice, if one day, we could visit Ilaria and her family in Bari, Italy. I know both our daughters wouldn't hesitate to go see Ilaria next summer. 

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