Friday, October 5, 2012

In the blink of an eye

You were ecstatic when you told us, your boyfriend had a puppy. It was something nobody had expected, since he didn't really have a heart for dogs. He was even a bit afraid of canine pets. He got to meet our two whippets and along the line, he fell in love with the dogs and he started to long for a dog of his own. You were so proud when he told you they had got a puppy! His siblings gave him the name Bruno (after they decided Snow White was not an appropriate name for a black dog...) and they did real well at teaching him tricks.

Since your boyfriend went to University, you didn't have much chance to visit him or see little Bruno. This week you told me that you missed both and you wanted to go over to his house for a visit. We planned for you to go this weekend. You really looked forward to seeing them!

Your boyfriend texted you late that evening. It was a horrible text message. Little Bruno had died.. He was run over by a car.. You were devestated and in tears. Oooh sweetie... I could feel your pain. I even felt hurt and I had not even met little Bruno. We couldn't do much more than hold you and comfort you. It won't take the pain away, I know. I wish it were different. One day we were talking about Bruno and then, in the blink of an eye..

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