Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy as a clam

I don't know how it happened, but I was surfing on the Internet and ran into this awesome food blog. I couldn't focus on anything else. This was the best food blog ever! The chef calls herself Pioneer Woman and refers to her husband as The Marlboro Man (although he doesn't smoke but has a rough edge to him). They raise 4 little punks at their home in the American country. I just had to open each one of her recipes and couldn't do anything else but pause and make some of her recipes. I know what will keep me going in the next couple of days.

A dish full of pots de crème are setting in the fridge. They will look at me tomorrow morning and beg for some whipped cream to finish them off. I know I won't have any myself (okay, that one heaping spoonful is just not a portion so it's to be neglected) but there are enough volunteers around here who will happily dig in.

As I am making my own food blog, I am more than happy to try out some of Ree Drummond's recipes and share them with you.

There is something about the way Ree describes her recipes. It's like you are in the same kitchen, sitting at her counter and hearing her out. Her descriptions are so, so, well.. I can't find the right word for it. Just try and read some of her recipes and you will understand what I mean. She sure made my eyes sparkle, my heart pound faster and my fingers itch to race to that kitchen (in reality: shove that notebook from my lap, push myself up from the couch while dropping the blanket on the floor and stumble towards the kitchen that is so not cleaned up)..

Ree Drummond: you rock! I'm happy to have found you. Sorry Nigella... I have to let go of you.. My first copy of a Pioneer Woman cook book is being shipped to Belgium right at this instance.

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