Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A barrel full of mixed emotions...

In 2006, people said artificial pancreases (you know, the most ugliest organ in our body that is, among other things, responsible for making insulin) were never going to happen. It was just impossible to have a device regulating your bloodsugar. But here it is!!!! IT IS POSSIBLE!! The man in this video nearly made the tears roll down on my face. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your story was moving and motivating and encouraging for so many T1 diabetics out there. I think of parents who have young children with diabetes. How they could finally have a good night of sleep or how they would send their child on a summer camp with just one thing to worry about: if they would not miss their parents. No worries about highs and lows, no worries about counting the carbs correctly.

I'm thinking of many of my friends. What their lives would be like if they would have an artificial pancreas. They would no longer get lows at the most inconvenient times. Their numbers would not skyrocket in stressy periods.

It would make life so much easier for T1 women with a baby wish.Do you have any idea what an effort T1 women have to do, to prep their bodies for a possible pregnancy? It takes months of strict dieting and perfect BG numbers, before they can even consider the attempt?

I'm thinking of the students with T1, who would be so happy if they could go out with their friends, have a drink, stay up all night and eat junk food. They wouldn't have to get up early in the morning to check their blood sugar levels and their parents wouldn't have to fear a coma due to an unnoticed hypoglycemia.

Wow... I'm truly flabbergasted.. I want to hug this man and thank him for this positive message. I never realized this news would hit me this hard. I have accepted my diabetes. After all, it's been my partner for 10 and a half years now. I'm not mad I have to count carbs and I can deal with lows and highs. I was a disbeliever of the artificial pancreas, just like so many others. But thank goodness there are people out here, who have faith and knowledge and who are smart enough to make this happen. The fund raising must go on. This device could help 10% of the diabetics out there, to lead a "normal" life. We never asked to be different. We never asked for diabetes. Our pancreas failed on us. I think I am going to put this "smartphone" on my wish list. It would be the greatest gift of all..

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Isn't it amazing? I know it's not happening fast enough, but they're making amazing progress. I can't wait! :-)