Saturday, April 27, 2013

Got 20 dollars in my pocket

It's the end of the month. I've never liked that last week before paychecks hit our account. It means I have to be more careful of what I buy and what I feed the crowd. It means checking the freezer and the pantry before coming up with a week menu. I can be financially creative if I have to, but it's not something I like to do voluntarily. My freezer, fridges and pantry are always loaded with goodies and produce are always there just in case I feel like making fresh pasta or some casserole packed with vegetables. It shouldn't be a problem to make lunch and dinner for at least two weeks with what is sitting in my supplies. The thing is: I don't always feel like making something with what's available. Does that sound like I'm spoiled? Absolutely! I'm just spoiled rotten and sometimes it feels decadent to be able to eat whatever I feel like.

So what do you put on the table if you have 20 dollars left in your pocket? What would you serve your family of 4? Could you make a first course, a main course and dessert with no more than 20 dollars? Would that be a real challenge? I'm sure I could do it. Cooking is a passion. Looking for new recipes is more than a passion. Trying out new techniques and having a great time in the kitchen is what I like to do best. Okay, I'll give it a go. How about you?

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