Friday, May 24, 2013

Let's call it a day

It's quiet around here. Apart from the monotonous sound of the dishwasher and a lonely car passing by, I can not hear anything but the sound of my dogs lips, while breathing out. Taking a look to my right, there is our tomcat Arthur, safekeeping the remote control. Only a few inches apart, Inthe is sunken in a deep sleep and breathing heavily. Would she be dreaming about chasing hares or getting a treat of dried cow's ears? I love to observe their ways and I often wonder what they would think. Rebba's nose is touching Inthe's bum, as they lay beside each other on the couch. Rebba's teeth are showing and I can see her Adam's apple going up and down as she swallows. Her heart is pounding rapidly in her supersoft chest. It feels like it's made out of shammy. I like to stroke her chest. Whippets have very soft and vulnerable skin and..

It's 23:15. I should be in bed by now. Can't stop looking for recipes though. The house is still smelling of the Italian ciappe I made and I'm sure I overdid on trying them out. Too much carbs for a late night snack, but I couldn't resist to try some ciappe with pesto. The number on my Dexcom says 183 and a downwards pointing arrow is reassuring me I won't need any more insulin to correct that number.

Had some lovely conversations today. Have been asked to give two more presentations on diabetes. Two lunch dates have been set and one of them is going to be a blind date with a person I have only known by mail so far. Exciting!

It was a productive day as well. Being introduced to vegetarian cooking is interesting. In cooking class you get to meet new people and you get the chance to share opinions and ideas on food and cooking. We exchanged foodblog links and webshop addresses and it won't be a surprise to you that I have made new wishlists. In between cooking class and setting appoints, I found the time to reorganize half of my pantry. I felt like a kid in a candy shop, typing necessities on my BlackBerry grocery list.

I needed some distraction today. It was good to talk to my friends and hear their voices. There is one voice I will never hear again. One person I will never again exchange recipes with. Her Christmas cookies in a jar will never be opened, for I want to keep them as a memory of my friend Suz McDonnell.. Her passing away has made me realize once more how precious life is and how short our time on this planet can be. I don't want to go to bed yet. Maybe there's no time to waste. Maybe I don't want to lie down and let my mind wander. I need some time by myself, to reflect over life and the afterlife.. 

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