Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hold on to whatever keeps you warm

It's just scary at times, to see how these two get along so well. They just can't be separated, it's impossible. You will never see one without the other. They are like peas and carrots, you know.

Hubby was taking them for their daily walk to the soccer field. They are all excited from the moment he gets up in the morning, because they know around 9:30 he will get their leashes and it's time for their exercise. This day wasn't any different. All hyper and jumpy, the three of them left the house.

Not too long after they left, I got a phone call from hubby. Before I picked up the phone, I told the oldest daughter: "Wanna bet one of them hurt herself?" Because that's one of the reasons hubby would ever call me. I didn't even have the chance to ask him, because as soon as I picked up the phone, he shouted: "They're gone! The dogs ran off and I have no idea where they are!!!"

Lana and I hopped into our shoes and ran to the front door, to give him a hand in looking for the missing muppies. Tragic endings raced through my mind and I'm sure hubby was in a state of shock, not knowing where to look for them.

I grabbed my keys, opened the door and guess who nearly ran me over? Exactly... two crazy whippets raced into the hallway, looking perplexed and their eyes wide open in fear. Right away I called hubby to bring him home. They were safe and sound, no injuries to be seen. They were already asleep on the couch by the time he got in, about 5 minutes later. Rebba had a strange look in her eyes, like she had witnessed some horrific adventure. Hubby told me about how they were playing ball on the soccer field, like they always do. Until that other pet owner got to the field and let his two canines run free. They were not sighthounds and we know our dogs are not that fond of other breeds. Rebba ran off and Inthe chased her instantly. These are times when I'm happy hubby always takes the same route when the three of them go out for a walk. I do wonder: do you think Rebba and Inthe will have waited to cross the road at the crosswalk?


Kevin Keyken said...

I can imagine how you felt when you got that phone call! Must have been a great relief when you opened the front door. :-)

Anonymous said...

Eind goed al goed weeral, maar wat een ellende gaat door je hoofd als je zulke telefoon krijgt. Pfffff.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Whoa! What a scare! I was on the edge of my seat reading this, especially after admiring that adorable picture of them.

I'm so glad everything turned out well.