Thursday, June 27, 2013

My turn to cook

Most of my groceries I buy in the bigger supermarkets, like Delhaize (my favorite), Carrefour or Albert Heijn (just across the border). For daily supplies, I like to visit our lokal supermarket. We have known most of the staff for many years and we like to chitchat while picking out our goodies. Every now and then, I treat them with freshly baked cookies, straight from the oven. Some of the employees read my cooking blog every day and then they tell me how they have finally found the energy to spend time in their kitchen and enjoy cooking. They know that the recipes they find on my blog are easy to make and worth trying. Because I have tried them out for them, for all of you. It is kind of weird though, if total strangers come up to you and ask you about your blog. They want to hear more about a certain recipe or ingredients they can't find. It surprises me when people tell me that, for the first time in their life, they made their own tortellini because of my enthusiasm. It makes me proud and appreciated and it keeps me going.

Photo Cathy Van de Moortele
 I love to maintain my blog and keep it up to date. If only I would have a better eye for photography, I wouldn't have to ask my daughters to take pictures. I know they are busy with their own things and they don't always feel like making photos of the food I cook. It is not their blog or hobby after all. It does make my blog look a whole lot better if I can provide it with splendid shots of the home made result. When people compliment me with the pictures, I always tell them about the talent for photography in our household. We make a good team!

Today, I treated the supermarket staff with Greek koulourakia cookies. I just loved the shape of the cookies. A friend of mine - who is also bitten by the cooking/baking bug - told me I just had to make these cookies. I wouldn't regret making them, she promised. And I didn't. In fact, I plan on making them again as a gift from me to my mother-in-law. She likes to eat as much as I like to spend time in my kitchen.

Please feel free to share your recipes with me. I'm more than willing to try them out and discover new flavors and techniques.

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