Sunday, June 23, 2013


Photo Lana Joos
Isn't she cute? We are so happy with our little blonde Danish girl. So happy she made the journey to Holland and finally to Belgium. She's some girl, you know. Sweet and tender but with a little twist and a mind of her own, Rebba is just the perfect whippy. She loves her people family and she has found a best friend in Inthe. These two make the perfect pair and the way they look after each other, is heartwarming.

Photo Lana Joos
She turned 7 today. We missed her birth and we have no pictures of our sweetheart as a puppy. I hope that one day, her people parents in Denmark will send us some photos of her early days. She was not happy the sun wasn't out this morning, when she went for a walk. She despises the rain and she dilly-dallies around the house, looking for a way out.

Her special birthday treat, was emptying a jar of peanut butter. We have no idea why she's so fond of the spread, but she loves it. I think she prefers the American JIF over the Dutch Calvé peanut butter so we gave her the choice today.

I think you are going to have a lazy day on the couch, with your friend Inthe. Love you sweetie xx

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