Friday, August 2, 2013

A good catch

I quote:

Dear Cathy,

Thank you so very much for the delicious cookies. We really enjoyed the treat. 
Congratulations with your daughter Eva. She is very particular, very sweet, hardworking and very punctual when it comes to making agreements.
I wish both of you the very best.


Sister José

What a lovely note, aunt Erika gave us last night, when Eva was getting prepared for her last day at work. Sister José and aunt (sister) Erika have been best friends for a very long time. This community of 13 sisters live together in Gentbrugge. That's where Eva has been staying for a number of days in the previous month. She blended in real well, since one of the sisters started to call her "sister" Eva. I don't think Eva will ever become a nun, but she did make herself really beloved in the group. How could she not be loved?

I'm proud of my little girl. It was hard labor and the days were hot and long. Eva got along well with her colleagues and she proved to be an industrious, responsible co-worker. It's great to hear that your children do well and that they complete their tasks without moaning or complaint. She's happy she accepted the job offer and had a chance to prove herself. We'll be happy to have her home again, because we did miss her quite a bit. August will be the month of catching up and enjoying each other. Some day outs with friends, some shopping and dining out, watching movies together and maybe bake a cookie or two. I know I'm blessed with our daughters. Both of them bring us happiness and joy.

We will keep this friendly note. I'm sure Eva will be able to go back next year, to complete her task in the kitchen of the nursing home. Her co-workers will be happy to see her and she will have another great time, living in the community of these 13 sisters..

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