Thursday, August 8, 2013

Aunt Flow

Women do these things. They have special words or phrases for men not to understand, when they are talking to their mom or friend on the phone. It makes subjects easier to talk about and it gives them some privacy while speaking in public. I'm sure every family has their own slang when it comes down to talking about Aunt Flow. I remember us calling it Aunt Mary. Before I was around that age, I didn't comprehend who my mom and sister were talking about, when they were discussing Aunt Mary. I didn't have an Aunt Mary so who were they talking about? Why did they say Aunt Mary was in town? It was not until a couple of years later, before I got it. No secret Aunts in my family anymore!

Me and my girls, we don't use any secret language. There's no Aunt Flow, no Aunt Mary, no kitty with nose bleeds nor a war in Virginia. It is what it is. Can I be happy my Aunt Mary died 10 years ago? I didn't grieve over it. I don't miss her one bit. She didn't make me feel feminine at all. People gave me that weird look when I told them I was going to let go of Aunt Mary. We had a good relationship as long as it lasted, but she became a real burden once D got involved. She totally screwed me up and that's when I decided it was time to let go of her.

I wonder if men have secret language too... I guess they won't fill us in?

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