Sunday, August 18, 2013

It takes one to know one

People without whippets, don't understand whippet people. Whippets are not really dogs, you know. They are, well, how could I phrase it? They are like,.. no, they are more the .. what the heck, they are whippets! It's a unique breed and they come with a user's manual.

This afternoon, we had a lovely lady come over, with a bunch of 4 whippets. It was my mistake to think they were all boys, but one of them was a girly girl. Her name was Nebel and she appeared to be the more quiet one. Don't underestimate Nebel though! She's the leader of the pack and all the boys have to listen to her. But isn't she right? Don't all men need a strong woman by their side?

Zanobi was the rather shy boy. Beautiful colors and a gorgeous face, he adopted the wait and see attitude. His mommy told us, Zanobi was pretty fond of men, so we called Hubby to see the effect and truly, Zanobi socialized and Hubby was even allowed to pet him. What a lovely whippet Zanobi is. He doesn't have to be that timid. He has such a pretty face and guess what: for one moment, we saw him investigating Inthe. She was spreading herself on the deck, when Zanobi felt the butterflies in his tummy. He strolled over to where she was getting her sun tan and stroke a pose. Unfortunately for him, Wolfke spoiled the fun. He's a young, vibrant male and full of energy. Wolfke may think all girlies belong to him, but he's still very naive and learning. I think Nebel will have to tell him about the game of seduction.

Zanobi and Inthe decided to give it another try. So Inthe went back to her spot in the sun, spread herself all over the floor and there he was, Mr Loverboy. Straightening his shoulders, he stepped towards Inthe and even made an attempt to give her a good sniff. Yes! she didn't wave him off, but she didn't give in either. It was a good try Zanobi. It was the first time the two of you met. Maybe some other time?

Hokus*Spookkus.. what a delight. Quiet and not a show off at all. He knows where to get the goodies. Putting his nose in my lap, his beautiful eyes meeting mine, I couldn't but feed him some signature made doggy-meatballs. It was like he was talking to me, his mouth opening and shutting, without his teeth hitting each other. He's a funny guy! He was looking for some shade underneath the table on the deck. But maybe he just wanted to be close to the treats? We don't know. He didn't say. He did keep a close eye on the pig's ears. He saw Nebel collecting and guarding some. He didn't try to steal them from her, for he knows his place in the flock.

Wolfke, on the other hand, he was not embarassed at all to steal Nebel's goodies nor Zanobi's new crush Inthe. He's such a macho man! I've been reading Wolfke's Blog for quite a while now, and it's like I have known him forever, even though this was our first real encounter. I always found him looking a lot like Inthe, but now I've seen him, they don't look alike at all. That doesn't make him any less cute though. He's so tall! Loved the way he jumped right on to the table, to serve himself. I guess he knows his ways and he won't miss a good treat. Can't blame him. Rebba didn't really know what to think of it. She's normally always wary of any rivals in the area. It's like she wants to protect Inthe. But this time, she was more relaxed and chill about these new friends coming over. They behaved well. They did leave their marks all over the garden, for Rebba and Inthe to remember them. I'm sure Rebba will try to flush the piddles with her own wee-wee tomorrow. She's too tired now. Relaxing in the bench with Inthe, they are dreaming of this fun experience.

Ilse is a lucky mommy. She's privileged for having these 4 cute faces in her home. I'm pretty sure they bring her quite some luck and good times and absolutely a lot of unconditional love.

I think this will not remain a once in a lifetime meeting. I like this bunch! They are welcome at any time. I'm looking at the girls, while I'm typing this and both of them agreed. Deal?


Wolfke said...

Love the story. Loved this afternoon.
We will be back! :-)

Cathy Van de Moortele said...

We hope you will! Then we will take all of them for a walk.

Jineau Llautreque said...

Wolfke, Bro', think of our reputation. Behave with those girls over there....