Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Tupperware cabinet

If you would open my cabinets and ask me: do you need any more Tupperware? I'm pretty sure the answer would be: of course I do! How could I not want more Tupperware? I mean, come on, get real! I couldn't imagine my cabinets without it!

Most people have like one Tupperware cabinet. I'm sure I have one cabinet without Tupperware.. It's just everywhere! There's the food containers, there's the cabinet with kitchen appliances, the microwave cabinet and the baking cabinet. There's a drawer filled with Tupper lunch boxes and the container with kitchen aids like whisks and spatulas and large spoons and so on. There's Tupperware for any occasion and my collection keeps growing. You need at least a couple of cookie containers and cake boxes. Your fridge has to hold some Vent Smarts to keep your veggies and fruit fresh and once you have used the Speedy Chef to whip that double cream.. Get the picture?

I have been asked multiple times to become a Tupperware consultant, but I never ever thought someone would draw me over the line. Maybe I wasn't ready for it on previous occasions or maybe I didn't have the guts. I have always shown great interest in the product and I love to collect Tupperware. Did you know I even order Tupperware when we cross the ocean to Florida? It is so exciting to buy Tupperware overseas and bring it home. Only other Tupperware addicts can relate to this feeling I guess..

My first party is coming up. There will be a crowd and I'm sure we'll have a very good time. It will be a culinary party and I truly believe that will be my cup of tea. I love to bake and cook and to share that love with others. Isn't it great that now I have found a way to come up with recipes, share my love for cooking and Tupperware with my friends and family? I'm looking forward to my first night. No stress, no cold sweat. It's my hobby, remember?

So if you want me to host your next party, give me a buzz or email me. I'll be happy to come over to your place and work something out for you to give your guests a pleasant evening. I'm ready for you!

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