Saturday, September 28, 2013

And she can

I have this friend, who happened to be my French teacher in highschool and my French teacher later on in my thirties. She knows me better than I do. In only 10 min time, she could tell what was bothering me and what made my heart tick. Some 10 years ago, she told me I should be my own boss. She couldn't understand why I wanted to work as an employee, rather than work just for me. I told her I didn't know how to. I had no idea what I could do to be self sufficient. I did know I don't like to work regular 9-5 hours. I like flexibility and my own rules and I don't like the stress of having to drive 100 kms to work every day. She told me that one day, I would remember her words and I would make myself happy becoming an entrepreneur.

I believe that day has come. We have visited an accountant and supplies have been purchased to organize my office in the house. I like my space upstairs and I like to spend time there, working out my agenda and scheduling appointments. There's still my other job, working as a personal assistant, but from now on, I can do what I like to do as a hobby, for a living. Isn't that awesome?

I'm pretty proud of myself, you know. It'll take some organization, but if I manage, it will be a great way to bring in some extra money and still spend quite some time at home. It will give me the opportunity to meet with friends and work at the same time. I no longer need to cook all by myself, since friends are calling to book a cooking session. And above all: I will have new Tupperware containers and tools to work with. It's always a joy to be able to use wonderful items in your kitchen. I'm having a blast trying out new recipes and sharing them with potential customers.

Ready for your first Culinary Tupperware Party at your place? Give me a call or send me an email. I'm looking forward to sitting around your kitchen table, discussing the recipes and completing your guest list. Hosting a party means I can give you free Tupperware, a great time with your friends and a free cooking session included. Sounds appealing huh? 

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