Thursday, October 3, 2013

It serves a crowd

There's always something cookin' on the stove or simmering in the oven. Whether it's a hearty dish or a sweet treat: I want to make it! I love the smell of food around the house. I love the heat the oven brings and the goodies on the table when we are having guests over for a night of fun. I (could) fill my days looking for new recipes to try out or writing down my approved recipes on my food blog. It's crazy sometimes, to hear strangers talk about my blog. They are not always aware I'm the person behind the recipes. So their comments are honest and hearing their enthusiasm keeps me going.

My food blog was meant to be a future reference for my girls. I would hate to see my favorite recipes get lost over the years. The original plan, was to make a digital cookbook, 365 days. In the meantime, I have posted no less than 682 recipes! That is frigging awesome! My greatest wish though, is to, one day, have them all printed out in a book. In color, of course. I hate cookbooks without pictures. The pictures are part of the fun and necessary to keep the reader reading. You have to drool over your desk, going through the recipes. Your taste buds need to be tickled and I want to spark that enthusiasm for cooking you didn't know you had in you.

Do you think cooking and eating is like sports? Like in, you can get addicted? I'm not sure... I know what food I like, but I have never had any sort of addiction when it comes to sports. Couldn't live without food or kitchen experiments. Sports haven't killed me, but they haven't actually kept me alive either. Let's stick to what I do best: Cooking and High Heels!

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