Sunday, November 10, 2013

Miss Congeniality

I don't feel like Miss Congeniality for the moment. I feel more like Miss Bluh or Miss Partypooper or Miss Grumpy. I've had it for the day. Too much nonsense, too much ugh. If only that sore back would get better. If only some people could be a bit more grateful. If only I would find the time to visit someone who could really do with a visit. There just isn't any time. And I hate it, when that happens. I hate it when I have to fill my days cleaning up clutter that isn't mine. I hate it, when people don't appreciate what you do for them. How you cancel your own fun and spare time, to help them out without any form of appreciation or acknowledgement. It's just one of those days. Or let me say: weeks.. 

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kissie kissie