Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Men fall in love..

with their eyes, women with their ears.

Have you ever talked to a man, who was very interested in looking around him to make sure he didn't miss any other females walking by? Very irritating .. That is the type of man that falls in love with his eyes. They fall in love with appearance, preferably blond, tall, petite, long legs, big boobs, small buttocks, long lashes that accompany big eyes. And I know for sure many men will now say: I don't fancy those women!!! Whatever.. Women are not blind either. We see the look in their eyes when those women pass by. They almost start to drool and their eyes can't help but stare. And you know what? I don't blame them. Because after all, those women are very pretty to look at and some are even very interesting.

Women fall in love with their ears. Of course we have a good eye for appearance as well. But humor, charm, entertainment and above all, the ability to LISTEN is what attracts women in men. What a bummer if you go out with a man and all he can talk about is the number of former girlfriends he's had or how many cars he has bought and sold or how much beer he can drink in one night! Or how normal it is that his mother still does his laundry and cooks his dinner every night. Don't even want to think about the men that brag about their talent in bed.. DUH! 
Wanna bet he has no idea what you talked about that evening? It is strange, that it is so hard for some men to use those two items on both sides of their head.. It would give them one step ahead in getting to know women..

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