Monday, June 22, 2009

Shake your booty

She's growing up and she thinks she's 16. But she's only a sweet 14. It takes her 45 min to get showered and to blow dry her hair. She takes good care of herself and treats every pimple that appears on her pretty face. She manicures her nails, dances to keep in shape, shaves her legs and doesn't overeat. Her feet are way too big for her slender body shape, so she needs high heels, even if they are not that high. She shakes her booty when we go to town. Every shop window has seen her reflection as she takes a glance to check her looks..
A little bird told me she's in love. She's had a boyfriend for a couple of months now and they are very close. But she's also a teenager and she falls in love all the time.
She will date several boys before she finds Mr Right Guy. I hope he will deserve her..

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