Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some guys have all the luck

I would like to share this joke with you:

Our own King Albert and President Obama are having a lunch meeting in a wonderful castle. The host has set a wonderful table, with golden cutlery. King Albert is a little bored and he's inspecting all the people around him. He takes a glance at his neighbor Obama, who has just put a golden spoon in his pocket. King Albert is very surprised by this act and on the other hand, he thinks: hey! I would like a golden spoon too!!!
So he's waiting for the best opportunity. He tries to lift his spoon, that is laying in between the whine glasses. But as we all know, King Albert is suffering from Parkinson's Disease. He starts to tremble just when he lifts the spoon. Result: he taps against the wine glasses and instantly, everybody is quiet, thinking the King is about to give a speech. So the King stands up and starts his speech, chit chatting about his family. He's very nervous and so happy when he can sit down again. He's all sweaty, but still has no golden spoon to take home.
So he tries again. But again, as soon as he lifts the spoon, the glasses make a horrible noise. The King stands up again, because the other guests expect another speech. He says he is a great magician and he's willing to prove that! So this is what he does: He picks up his golden spoon and puts it in his pocket. He mumbles some secret formula and says: Tada! lifting the golden spoon from Obama's pocket :-)

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