Friday, September 18, 2009

Going bananas

Rebba makes me ROFL. Really! She sleeps in her bench. When I come downstairs the next morning, she's still laying down, no crying, no barking. And then I let her out... and she goes bananas! We go outside in the backyard so she can do whatever she needs to do (duh). She always ends up all the way back there, near the chickens. And then the crazy phenomenon starts: she races all the way back to the terrace, comes back, runs off again. She reminds me of Speedy Gonzales or Roadrunner. In fact, she looks more like a horizontal Roadrunner.. meep meep...zjoef.. She's so funny!! When she's pooped, she comes back inside, has a drink and a bite and then she crashes on the couch, trying to find the best spot.. to sleep.. again..
Even that sleeping routine is fun to watch. She throws up all of the pillows, trying to settle down on the most comfortable blanky, rolling over on her back, legs in the air, looking like a shrimp! I love her to pieces. What a joy she is!

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