Monday, September 28, 2009

They didn't think much of it

Although Americans didn't think much of it at first, Thomas De Geest is a righteous winner of the Vendy Awards 2009. wafelsanddinges

Americans are fond of food sold in the streets. If you've been to the States, I'm sure you have had a hotdog or a corndog on the corner of the street and you must at least have had one warm pretzel before you headed back to Europe. Thomas De Geest, who previously worked for IBM as a consultant, gave up his job and started his own streetvendor business. Since he's from Belgium, what could be a better idea than starting to vend this Belgian specialty: Belgian Waffles! We don't have our waffles for breakfast, we have them a little different than Americans normally do. We have them in the afternoon or we order some if we go out for coffee in the city. Of course we want strawberries and cream on top, but sometimes we eat them plain, or just dusted with powdered sugar. Those are the famous Brussels Waffles.
Have you ever scented the smell of a fresh baked, warm "Luikse" Waffle? They are just packed with sugar lumps, all sticky but oh so yummy! If you smell a fresh baked Luikse Waffle, you just have to have one. I'm so proud of Thomas De Geest, that he has introduced this special treat to the American people.

Maybe one day, when I get the chance to visit the States again, I will run into one of the vendor carts of Thomas De Geest in the Manhattan area. I'll let you know if I did.

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