Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bento Box

Nowadays, children don't like to bring their home made lunches to school. They prefer to go out to buy their lunch, but I'm not really happy with that. Most of those lunches aren't healthy and we don't know what our kids will buy. Will they buy unhealthy, mayonnaise salad sandwiches? Will they buy sausage rolls or crescent rolls? Or will they go out for French fries or burgers? Our daughter can buy her lunch once a week. On the other days, she had to eat a home made lunch. She's not fond of packing her lunch box.. Some time ago, I bought a Japanese lunch box, namely the Bento Box. It's a lunch box that consists of different compartments. Some have lids, some don't. The compartments are small and meant for bite size foods. Originally, the Bento Box is filled with cold, cooked and shaped rice or sometimes noodles. Side dishes may include cold cuts like meat, fish or sometimes tofu or eggs. Vegetables and fruits always find a spot in this box. The meal has to consist of protein, vitamins and minerals. You will need to put at least one protein item and at least two fruit or veggie items into your lunch box.

I have taken my Bento Box to work. This is an example of what I put in it:

* plain yogurt, sprinkled with fresh blue berries or dried cranberries
* cherry tomatoes
* half a Mexican wrap, filled with lettuce, shredded carrots, bean sprouts, turkey slices and some wasabi mustard
* grapes

My Bento Box is made to contain 600 calories. You will not overeat and your appetite will be fulfilled. Use many colors and textures in your lunch, and you will look forward to eating it. Bye bye boring school canteens, bye bye fast food place! I prefer my own home made lunch!

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