Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dog in a bag

O what a laugh we had! It was Friday night, movie night, and the kids had had some crisps while watching the movie. The empty bags had not found their way to the bin yet, and were laying on the table.
The children were already sound asleep, when hubby and I prepared ourselves to go to bed. All of a sudden, I heard Rebba jump up and down on the couch and I went to the den to see what she was up to.
I couldn't help but laugh... She had tried to find out whether there were any crisps left in the bag and had stuck her head in. She couldn't get her head out though, and she was running around on the couch, not knowing what had happened to her. I wanted to take her picture, but it was too dark for the camera. Bummer!
We saved her pretty quickly and she was so happy to be released. She licked our faces with joy, tasting of crisps...

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