Monday, October 19, 2009

Even the old days were new once

I hear my grandparents speak, when I talk about "the old days". As soon as one starts to speak about the old days, it means you've lived long enough to do so. Maybe I have reached the stage where I can speak about the old days..
Getting a letter from your former high school, that welcomes you to the reunion of the class you attended 20 years ago, makes you twitch. Twenty years huh... that's a looooooong time. Am I getting old? I don't feel old. I don't look old, at least, that's what I thought since I don't have any wrinkles. The other day though, I took the lady I take care of to the doctor for a check-up. He was happy to see she had brought her "mom" (hello???) this time. She's freaking 33! and I'm 38. Either he has an eye problem or he thinks he's funny.
I still remember "the old days" pretty well. We were young and reckless, innocent and naive. And most of all: we had no worries. We thought we would conquer the world and nothing could ever happen to us. It's striking to hear our eldest daughter talk about her life and her future. She's going to live abroad, she says. She will guide people around, while she enjoys the sun. The other one would like to work with people or children. Both of them are in to languages and the youngest is looking forward to the day she's 21, so she can go abroad to work as an au pair. What do the French say: L'histoire se répète?
I can imagine our youngest one in the States. She would be a great au pair. She's good with children, she's independent and very eager to learn about other cultures. And I won't do anything but support her to get to learn other countries and see other horizons. She's adventurous and I see a lot of me in her. Even the old days were new once, and one day, my children will tell their children the exact same experience..

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