Monday, October 19, 2009

Come as you are

I have a lovely girlfriend I like to visit. She's mature and she has a lot of wisdom. I love to talk to her and we share life experience. She has more life experience than I do and I indulge all of her advice and qualities in life. Today, she has invited me into her home, to spend the day with her companion and her two British friends, Katie and Raymond. They are lovely people and I have met them before. They were coming over to Catherine's place for the weekend and they asked if I could come over too, to have a good time together. So I did.
Raymond and I love Frank Spencer, so we have Frank and Betty conversations (believe me, you don't want to hear those, but we ROFL). He gives me the chance to practise my English and I love his British accent. Trying to mimic it all the time. He's always amazed at how good my English is, especially if I use phrases or words he rarely uses.
Then there is Katie. What a lovely lady she is. Warm, intelligent, interesting. Katie, Catherine and I (Cathy) all have similar names. Is that a sign? We like to entertain and we cook. We got totally into talking about recipes and cooking. I love Katie for being able to share these same interests. I'm sure nobody could understand the conversations we had on pantries and seasoning and home made products. I made cheesecake, creamy coleslaw and chocolate peanut fudge to bring and together, we made a goat's cheese tart and a very nice salad.
My friend Catherine has recently bought this house in a very rural area. It is so beautiful up there and I enjoy the peace and serenity of her home. Of course we went for a walk in her huge garden and orchard - I should have brought Rebba along (she's on heat, so it's not the best time of year to take her along) and we had long conversations. It was good to see Katie and Raymond and I'm glad I was invited.
Catherine, although you weren't feeling well, you looked great and you seem to be very happy. I look up to you, my mentor..

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