Monday, October 26, 2009

Foodies Goodies

They say some kind of food, you must have tasted multiple times before you finally appreciate it. Some foods though, I am convinced I will never have. Just because they are too disgusting or smelly or icky. To my own surprise, amongst the upcoming list of foods that take their time to become beloved, there are many I love already. How about you?

* anchovy (I like them not too salty and I prefer surf and turf)
* gherkins (sweet and sour, yummie)
* beer (no thanks, just smelling it already turns me off - thinking of drunk men makes it even worse)
* chorizo (I LOVE CHORIZO! the spicier the better - I'm still looking for fresh chorizo instead of the dried salami version)
* espresso (I only have decaf and I prefer our own Rombouts coffee)
* prawns (please remove the intestines and prepare them diabolique)
* hot chillies (I prefer the red over the green)
* squid (not my favorite, I don't like the rubbery feel to it)
* snails (I'm allergic to them, so no thanks)
* lamb (the garlic buttered chops are splendid - I'll have them pink please)
* mussels (we have them a couple of times a year - you shouldn't have more - The Philippines in Holland have the best)
* mustard (cheese needs tangy mustard, sushi and wasabi make the best match)
* olives (only the green ones, but I love them, especially if they are jumbo and pitted)
* oysters (slippery and not that high on my list, unless they are baked)
* pâté (I love it! I suppose foie gras may not be called pâté, but you can wake me up for onion confit foie gras)
* piccalilli (there are only two brands I like and we like it mixed up with mayonnaise: "piccanaise")
* lettuce (nothing wrong with lettuce, I can eat it every day)
* Brussels sprouts (sorry, big turn off!!!! - I may throw up if I smell cooked Brussels sprouts!! please let's think of something more pleasant)
* blue cheese (I have good memories of a delicious blue cheese soufflé at the Shakespeare's Theatre restaurant in London - in fact, I feel like having a blue cheese-pear-walnut and spinach leaves salad for lunch)
* sushi (definitely but only if it's absolutely fresh)
* tea (I drink it - don't give me any ice tea though)
* Belgian endives (only raw, with apple slices and chopped walnuts)
* whisky (absolutely not!!! unless I can have Irish coffee)
* wine (I prefer white over red and Australian/Californian/South African chardonnay is my cup of tea)
* sauerkraut (I think I haven't tried it enough to like it)

I love making lists. I love tasting different kinds of food. I'm always in for something new. Do you have a favorite food you think I should try?

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