Sunday, October 25, 2009

Square pegs and round holes

Some couples fit like square pegs and round holes. Others are just made for one another. I never believed in love at first sight. I never believed in eternal love. I do believe that every once in a while, the right lid finds the right pot. I also believe those pots and lids are extraordinary and unique. Call it the perfect match. Just think of all those available partners in the world and how hard it must be to find the most perfect mate out there for you. That is like the most difficult thing to do, ever!

I watched Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in "Holiday". What a wonderful and cheesy movie. But hey: they do well together. They do that well, that they should actually be a couple in real life! Or do you think they would no longer match if they would share the every day life of laundry, raising kids, go to work and collapse on the couch at night? Relationships between loved ones are truly heart warming and special. You take time for each other, you go out on dates, you have the best sex ever and there is nothing to worry about. You think you have found that one and unique lid to fit your pot. You want to grow old with this partner. You want to spend the rest of your life with that partner. You want to raise his children and have family dinners on Sunday.

And then you wake up. There is no Jude Law, nor a Cameron Diaz. It's just us. Not that glamorous, not that fancy, not that over-the-top in love. But you do love one another and you have a past together. Maybe you don't spend that much time together as you used to. Maybe you haven't been on a special date lately. I'm not even going to think about the hot sex in the early days.. and of course there are things to worry about and bills to be paid. Maybe they should make a Jude and Cameron movie after being married for 15 years. That would be interesting. I'm sure they would still love one another, for they have shared so many years. Maybe life wouldn't be that exciting any more, and the greedy love may have altered into settled friendship, but they would probably still be together. A little older. A little bit less attractive. Cameron may no longer look like Barbie and maybe Jude has developed a beer belly by then. Their experience in life may have taught them different lessons and their paths may have gone in different directions. But somewhere in the end, their paths can meet again. They can make time for each other. They could go out on dates. They could reinvent getting in love. They could go back to their first month of being together, with the knowledge they have gathered over the years together. Wouldn't that be exciting?

To be continued..

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